As part of our transition to Brokerage Packs, we're offering Stake customers ongoing access to Stake Unlimited. Simply have an account value of US$5k or over (stocks plus cash) as at 9am Wednesday 11th March, 2020 (AEST) and you'll be eligible.

Below are a few answers to some commonly answered questions:

Does this mean I’ll get access to all the new features added into Stake Unlimited over time?

Absolutely. If you have US$5k or more in your Stake account by the date above, you’ll get all ongoing additions and enhancements as we release them.

What happens if I want to be on Stake Black?

You can. However, this offer extends only to Stake Unlimited, so to access Stake Black you’ll need to pay the monthly fee (after July 1, 2020). You can switch back and forth as you need. 

Can I try Stake Black and then move back to my Stake Unlimited access?

Yes. If you’ve taken up the above offer, you can get back onto Stake Unlimited, free of charge, even if you’ve tried Stake Black for a period of time.

What happens if my account drops below US$5k after March 11th?

Nothing. If you have an account value of US$5k or more (cash and stocks) as at 9am on Wednesday 11th March, 2020 you will receive this offer. Once you’ve received this offer, your account balance can change as per normal.

What happens if I have that money in my Macquarie Cash Account?

Only money that is in your Stake USD wallet by the above time and date will count toward the US$5k threshold.

What happens if I already have an account value of US$5k?

Just ensure that your account value stays at this level or above until the above time and date and you’ll receive this offer.

What if I've had an account value of US$5k or over previously but at the above time it's below?

The offer extends to those with account values of US$5k or over as at 9am Wednesday 11th March, 2020 (AEST).