With the Stake Free Stock Program, customer will receive a free US listed stock when they fund their Stake account for the first time.  

When claiming their reward, customers will be randomly issued one of the three available stocks (currently GoPro, Dropbox and Nike).  

For more information, we've written up a blog post on how it all works and tried to cover off all your questions. You can read it here

Getting Free Stocks

In order to qualify to claim a Free Stock customers must: 

  1. Have a registered Stake account, including a verified email and an account that has been approved for funding by Stake

  2. The account has not been funded

  3. Have one individual account only (non-individual accounts such as SMSF, Trust, ISAs etc are not eligible for free stock under this program). You cannot claim a free stock fro multiple accounts. 

  4. Fund using gateways provided by Stake within 24 hours of first viewing the Portfolio/Dashboard page on the Stake App and/or Website.  

Claiming Stock

Once eligible, customers can elect to claim free stock or elect not to receive free stock. If customers elect to claim free stock, they agree to the Free Stock Program Terms & Conditions.

Read more on the Free Stock Blog here