For those in Europe (UK and EEA) there are restrictions under MiFID II who can invest in certain investment products, including US ETFs.   This restriction means that only "Elective Professional Investors" (i.e non-retail customers) that meet a certain criteria can invest in US ETFs from Europe. 

Stake has digitised the process for those who are able to meet the criteria to be re-categorised as Stake Accredited Investors  (Elective Professional Investors) and access US ETFs.    

This process begins when you try buy your first US ETF.  To request re-categorising. you will be required to:

  1. Have a minimum asset value in your account
  2. Confirm you understand the risks associated with being re-categorised
  3. Provide evidence that you meet the criteria under MiFID II. 

To learn more about becoming a Stake Accredited Investor, read our disclosure document here