Yep, we do, however this can only be set up on our Web platform (Australian / NZ) customers only. 

It adds another layer of security to your account & ensures that when you login or make a withdrawal that its really you using your account. 

This means that when you login on a new device, you will be asked for a code generated from your Authenticator App (like Google Authenticator etc). There is also two-factor authentication when withdrawing funds to your local bank account. 

To set up 2FA:

  1. VIsit Your Profile Page and follow the prompts in the "Advanced Security Settings (2FA)"

  2. Download an Authenticator App onto your phone (like Google Authenticator or Authy) 

  3. Add a new account (on your Authenticator App)

  4. Scan the QR Code (or enter the 16 digit key if setting up on mobile) 

  5. Go back to Stake and enter the code generated on your app