Yes, you certainly can. Here are the steps you need to follow to ensure this is done correctly - 

  1. Ensure that the name on the USD remitting account is an EXACT match to your Stake account (we are NOT able to accept fund transfers otherwise, for any reason - no company accounts, friends & family accounts etc.) 

  2. On your Profile Page, tap on “Account”, and then scroll down to “Direct USD Transfers”. This section will provide you with the requisite information to arrange this USD to USD transfer. 

  3. Ensure these details, found in the “Direct USD Transfers” section, are entered correctly with your FX provider. In particular, match your reference number EXACTLY as included

  4. Ensure that you acquaint yourself of any charges from your FX provider. Stake charges a flat USD 5.00 fee to facilitate this transaction. 

  5. Submit the remittance request with your FX provider. When done, email us a copy of the receipt so that we know your funds are on their way to

Please note that Stake is not able to view the status of this transfer, until these funds arrive in the US with DriveWealth.