We charge 70 basis points on the AUD/USD spot rate, with a minimum fee of US$2.  


  • AUD/USD spot rate is 0.7200. 
  • Deposit: Transfer rate 0.7130 (0.7200 - 0.0070). 
  • Withdrawal: Transfer rate 0.7270 (0.7200 + 0.0070)

This applies only when you move money, not on every trade. Once you've got USD in your account, you can trade commission free as much as you like.  

Other Fees:

  • Express Funding: +0.5% [Fund before 4pm AEST and funds arrive just before next market session].
  • Card Funding: +2%

You will always know the associated fee before you make your transfer.

If you want to bring or transfer USD yourself, you can always use your existing FX provider to fund your trading account. Click here for more information.