We’d been scratching our heads for years at how expensive accessing the US markets from outside of it was and also how difficult getting full transparency of brokerage costs was. We don’t settle for that.

We offer you a choice of three Brokerage Packs. Three tiers (including a free pack), offering varying brokerage services each with an all-in and upfront monthly fee.


It’s simpler, more affordable and more transparent. No inactivity fees, custody fees or any other hidden fees. Visit our pricing page on hellostake.com for full details.

Other Fees

There are some additional fees for services  (e.g faster funding, card fees etc). 

Please note that stocks that are American Depository Receipts (ADRs) are subject to periodic fees that are intended to compensate the agent bank that is providing services on behalf of the ADR. These fees are collected by the broker from its customers as pass-through fees, which mean they are levied on the holder of the ADR.   The amount of the ADR fee will tend to range from $0.01 - $0.03 per share, the amount varying by ADR. Please refer to the prospectus for the ADR for information on the ADR Fee.