Australians - Transferring AUD to USD

You can fund your trading account at your funds page the following ways:

Using the app: Head on over to the 'Profile' icon on the bottom right, then select 'Funds & Balances' and then select 'Add Funds' next to 'Equity Value'

Using the website: Make sure you're logged in. Head to your funds and select ' Fund your account'.


This goes directly to the US via OFX and is the fastest and cheapest way to fund.  


Debit / credit card

Funds get sent directly to the US via OFX. You're able to fund up to $10,000. There is a 2% (min $1USD) fee on all card transfers.

AUD Wallet

Some of our legacy Stake customers have a Macquarie AUD wallet. If you fund your AUD wallet you will activate and receive a Macquarie Cash Management account.  You can then transfer these funds into USD on your funding page. Please note, your Macquarie account will only be active if funded within 90 days of signing up.

The details of your AUD wallet are provided to you by email and on the funding page on Stake. Once your funds are in your AUD wallet you can transfer to USD on Stake .This can be done on the 'Add Funds' page.


International / Direct USD transfer

You can make a direct transfer from any currency (including USD) into your trading account via your preferred FX remitter or bank. 

See here for more details on how to make that transfer.