Surprising to most, Stake never holds or touches your money - your money goes directly to our FX partners and then onto DriveWealth and when you withdraw it, the other way back!  We're just the team bringing all these partners together. 

It also means that your securities and funds are registered in your name and available to you at any time.  Every transaction through the platform is in your name and registered to your account. Any deposits in and out of your brokerage account come via your local bank account or one of our alternative funding methods (if available in your country).

We use our FX partners to transfer the funds directly to your US brokerage account and book each transfer individually and in your name. At no point does Stake take any custody of your funds - they are always held in your name.

A record of each transaction (FX and trading) is always available for your review. You can access a record of every transactions in your account.