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What is Stake Black Wall St?

Stake Black is a premium membership that unlocks advanced features for investors who want to be on the cutting edge. Stake Black Wall St can sharpen your trading by allowing you to: 

  • Dig deeper into U.S. securities with access to Full Financials 

  • Respond faster to opportunities with Instant Buying Power

  • Inform your investing strategy with Analyst Ratings and Price Targets


What are the benefits of Stake Black?

Stake Black Wall St gives you more control of your investing journey, with access to the premium tools below.

Instant Buying Power

Why wait two business days for your funds to clear before you can use them? With Stake Black Wall St, you can bypass T+2 settlement on sell orders and trade instantly on unsettled funds. This means you can sell stocks and reinvest that money in a heartbeat. 

It’s important to note that those with account values under US$25,000 must still adhere to pattern day trading (PDT) rules, as governed by FINRA. Read more about pattern day trading here.

Analyst Ratings

Inspire your strategy based on expert views with Analyst Ratings. Is it a buy, sell or hold? See up-to-date ratings from major sell-side banks, made three hours before each U.S. market open.

Full Financials

Get the full picture on the U.S. companies you’re interested in by accessing full company financial data. Unlock on-platform access to the last eight quarters of cash flow, income and balance sheet statements for all U.S. stocks and ETFs.

Price Targets

Access to Price Targets lets you gauge how the pros are valuing a stock, to help set your own expectations. 


How do I unlock Stake Black?

Simply head to: More > Stake Black. From here, you’ll have the choice to upgrade to Stake Black Wall St, Stake Black AUS or the combined pack. 



Stake Black memberships are flexible, allowing you to choose the market or markets most relevant to your trading, with monthly or annual billing.

Pricing Guide (AU)

Pricing Guide (NZ)

Pricing Guide (UK)


How is Stake Black charged?

Stake Black will be charged monthly or yearly, in local currency (AUD), directly from your saved card or out of your Stake account balance. Stake Black memberships are per account, not per user, which means that if you have more than one account with Stake (for example, an individual account as well as a trust account), you’ll need to purchase Stake Black for the account you wish to use it for. 


What if my card is declined?

If your card is declined on the billing date, we’ll send you a reminder within the app to give you time to top up your account or update your card details. If funds aren’t provided within seven days of the billing date, your Stake Black membership will be cancelled.


How do I downgrade from Stake Black?

Just head to your app: Select More > Stake Black > Manage Your Membership > Downgrade from Stake Black. You can choose to reactivate this at any time.


No cancellation fees

You can choose to cancel whenever you like with no cancellation fees. You’ll simply be moved off Stake Black when your current payment cycle ends, retaining access until then.


Stake Black Refund Policy

If you decide that Stake Black isn’t right for you after paying for your membership, you’ll be entitled to a refund under the following circumstances:

  • For monthly Stake Black memberships cancelled within 24 hours of the membership start date; or

  • For annual Stake Black memberships cancelled within seven (7) days of the membership start date. If you cancel your annual Stake Black membership after this time, but within the first 30 days of the membership start date, you’ll receive a prorated refund for the remaining 11 months of your membership.

Note the above policy is in line with the Stake Black Terms & Conditions.

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