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What are the requirements to open a Stake account?

You can invest in U.S. stocks in under 5 minutes by signing up to Stake.

You can apply for an account in your own name (Individual Account) or in the name of a Company or SMSF. 

We’ve made it super simple to get going, but we still need to collect some important information to verify you and set up your account properly. 

What’s more, when you sign up for an Individual account, you'll also get a free stock in Nike, Dropbox, GoPro or a mystery stock. All you need to do is fund your account within 24 hours of it being ready. 

For more information on how this works, check out our Stake Rewards & FAQ.

What you'll need to sign up

To apply for a brokerage account in your name, you’ll need to:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Have a valid address in Australia

  • Be an Australian resident, citizen or have a valid visa (student or work visa etc)

  • Have any Australian government ID (licence or passport) or a bank account in your name. 

Bring all that information with you, and you’ll be in the market in less than 5 minutes and have a free stock to your name.

Extra documentation

Sometimes there may be a mismatch between what you’ve provided and the information on the databases we verify against. 

This means we will ask for additional information including:

  • A photo of your government-issued ID (license, passport etc)

  • A photo of you holding that ID

  • A copy of your bank statement or utility bill, showing your current address

Once you send this information through, we should be able to verify you and get you going.

Additional information for SMSF and Company accounts

For Company and SMSF accounts, you'll need to provide:

  • The company's ABN or ACN (for an SMSF, its ABN)

  • Personal details of the directors or individual trustees
  • Electronic signatures from all required signatories

For more information on SMSF & Company accounts, please check out our FAQ.

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