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What does T+2 trade settlement mean?


The standard time for the settlement of sell trades on the US exchange is T+2 days, where T is the transaction date and + 2 refers to 2 business days from the transaction date. 

This means the cash for executed sell orders take 2 days to clear back into your trading account.

The settlement date for all trades is available on the trade confirmation email.

We know how frustrating it can be to wait the US-market-standard T+2 days for sales to settle. With Stake Black, we've built instant buying power, allowing you to immediately reinvest funds from a sale as soon as it’s executed. You can read more about Stake Black here.

For those who are not on Stake Black, we provide you with a calendar of settlement amounts to show you when those funds will be available in your account. This is available on your dashboard under "Balances & Orders".

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