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What is Stake Black?

Since Stake's inception, customers have been reaching out for more advanced features, which is why we introduced Stake Black.

Stake Black gives traders more control of their investing journey, with access to features such as instant buying power, buy-sell ratings, price targets and full company financials.


Stake Black is affordable and flexible, allowing you to go month-to-month with no commitments or save when you pay annually. 

Pay US$9/month and cancel anytime you like with no cancellation fees. Or pay US$90 for a year's access to Stake Black (equivalent to US$7.50/month).

How is Stake Black charged?

Stake Black will be charged straight from your Stake account, so all you have to do is make sure you have enough buying power in your account and we’ll do the rest.

What if I don’t have enough buying power?

If you don’t have enough buying power to continue your month-to-month payments, we’ll send you a note before to give you time to top up. If you don’t top up your account you’ll be moved off Stake Black at the end of the current payment cycle.

No cancellation fees

Just like Netflix, you can choose to cancel whenever you like with no cancellation fees. You’ll simply be moved off Stake Black when your current payment cycle ends.

Can I day trade on Stake Black?

Whilst instant buying power gives you the power to immediately reinvest funds from a sell, it’s important to note that those with account values under US$25,000 must still adhere to pattern day trading (PDT) rules, as governed by FINRA. Read more about pattern day trading here.

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