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OTC stocks

What is an OTC stock?

An Over The Counter ('OTC') stock is an instrument that is traded directly between counterparties without being listed on an exchange. For a comprehensive overview of how OTC stocks operate, go to our academy by clicking here

How much will it cost?

This initial release for OTC will be available at $0 brokerage, limited to 10 trades per month.

Why do I need a Stake Black account to trade OTC?

At this time, we are making OTC stocks accessible for Stake Black members only. This is because we wanted to give our Stake Black members even more value for their membership. 

I’m no longer a Stake Black member and have OTC stocks. What do I need to do?

Even if you are no longer a Stake Black member, you can hold and sell your OTC stocks. You only won’t be able to buy more shares outside of Stake Black.

Why is there only a LIMIT order available when trading OTC?

OTC stocks can only be traded using a LIMIT order type and not Market or Stop orders. This is because you cannot own a fractional amount of an OTC stock. 

Where can I view my OTC portfolio?

Your OTC stocks will be in your portfolio, alongside your other US stocks. When selecting the stock, you will have the ability to know if a stock is OTC as it will have an OTC symbol in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Why is OTC limited to 10 trades a month?

As this is a special type of order, customers can only place 10 OTC trades a month. Please note that one trade means one filled order (buy or sell).

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