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Can I fund my account via bank transfer?

You can deposit funds into your Stake Wall St account via bank transfer from an Australian bank account. The minimum funding amount is A$50. 

How do I transfer?

  • On the Stake app, head to your portfolio dashboard and tap Buying power > Add funds; on web, click on the wallet icon in the right hand corner > Add funds

  • Input the deposit amount

  • Select bank transfer and your preferred funding speed

  • You'll then be provided with the bank account details to use when making a payment from your financial institution. It’s vital you enter the correct BSBAccount NumberAccount Name and Description (your 10-digit Stake Account number starting with ST) to ensure there is no delay in processing the deposit

  • Once you’ve transferred funds from your banking institution, you can confirm by tapping ‘I’ve Made a Transfer’ to finalise your deposit. You’ll also receive an email confirmation of the initiated bank transfer.

Things to consider

  • Your Stake Wall St account number (beginning with ST) must be included in the ‘Description’ field of your bank transfer. If not, your funds may be returned. It can take up to 30 days for unsuccessful deposits to be returned.

  • Some banks have both ‘Description’ and ‘Reference’ fields available – please ensure your 10-digit ST account number is entered in the ‘Description’ field. 

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