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What are Stake’s funding fees?

Fees & Speeds

We keep our fees simple and transparent – you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying. This includes brokerage fees, applicable FX transfer fees, and optional fees (e.g. Instant Funding). You can also find a copy of your charges through any trade/deposit confirmation email or via the Stake platform.

See below for a breakdown of our deposit charges in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Fees & Charges 




Debit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay




Credit Card / Apple Pay / Google Pay




Bank Transfer




Instant Funding

0.5% (A$2 min)

0.5% (NZ$2 min)

0.5% (£2 min)

FX (Stake Wall St)

70 bps (US$2 min)

1% (US$2 min)

0.5% (US$2 min)

W-BEN Form on Stake Wall St 

One-time charge on first deposit (usually US$5)




See our AU pricing PDFUK pricing PDF, and NZ pricing PDF for more information on your region. 


You can choose the speed of your deposits and currency-to-currency transfers from within your Stake account. Below you will find settlement timeframes for each speed:

  • Regular: funds are credited to your Wall St account T+1 (this means 1 business day later) after Stake receives confirmation of an initiated deposit/transfer. 

  • Instant: funds are instantly credited (as buying power) to your Wall St account after Stake receives confirmation of an initiated deposit/transfer. There is a 0.5% surcharge for this method. 

Please note that while these funds are available to trade instantly until they settle, they won’t be available to withdraw, or count towards your balance for the purpose of Pattern Day Trading exemptions.

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