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What is an IPO?

When a company IPOs (undertakes an Initial Public Offering), it starts selling its shares to the public, on an exchange, in order to raise capital. Its internal shareholders get a chance to sell their shares to institutions and retail investors. 

Typically, an investment bank underwrites the process. The bank will determine fair value for a company’s shares, buy the shares and then sell the shares to its network of funds, banks and investors through exchanges.

Stake will support stocks that go public on the Nasdaq or NYSE very soon after the first share is traded. However, in some cases, an IPO launch and availability on Stake can be deferred. 

IPO dates are estimated and subject to change. In some cases, companies will postpone or withdraw their plans entirely. We’ll endeavour to make these new securities available on the Stake platform as soon as reasonably possible.

For any questions about upcoming IPOs on Stake, you can reach out to the Stake support team here.

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