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Direct USD transfers

You can fund your account directly if you have USD already, or would like to transfer any currency (like AUD etc) into USD using your bank or preferred FX remitter (such as OFX, XE, WorldFirst etc).

Making a direct deposit

The key banking and transfer information for your accounts will be found inside your Account tab on Stake.

Within the section “Direct USD Transfer” your specific transfer information is provided - it is unique to your account and ensures that if followed, your transfer will arrive as you planned.

To make a direct USD deposit, please also ensure you follow the information in this section.

Correct Details

Ensure your transfers details, found in the “Direct USD Transfers” section, are entered correctly with your FX provider. In particular, match your reference number exactly as included.

No 3rd party transfers

Ensure that the name on the remitting account is an EXACT match to your Stake account we are NOT able to accept fund transfers otherwise, for any reason - no related company accounts, friends & family accounts etc.

Transfer and other fees

Make sure that you are aware of the feeds provided by your bank or FX provider (i.e wire fees etc).

Stake charges a flat USD 5.00 fee which is passed through to our US broker dealer to reconcile and undertake fraud checks on each transfer.

Notifying Stake

Once you've made your Direct Deposit, be sure to let us know on our Direct Deposit form and attach your transfer receipt. 

We’ll keep an eye out to make it processes as quickly as possible.

Please note that Stake is not able to view the status of this transfer, until funds arrive in the US with DriveWealth.

Things to note

Please note that withdrawals cannot be made USD to USD. All withdrawals must come back through to your local Australian bank account.

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