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Does Stake help me with my taxes?

Stake makes it easy to navigate tax time. It’s simple to gather the information you need about your investments to complete your annual tax return. Our partners can also generate additional reports you may need. 

Reports we provide

Account-related documents are easily accessible on Stake. 

In the app, simply go to More > Tax & documents. 

On desktop, click Profile (person icon) > Account summary report (located under Tax & documents).

Your Account Summary Report contains everything you need to assist you or your accountant/tax agent in determining your tax obligations, including beginning to end of period balances, official exchange rates displayed on your transaction log and trade volumes. You can specify the format as either an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) or PDF.

You can also obtain Trade Confirmations and Monthly Account Statements, both conveniently provided in PDF format. 

Generating reports with Sharesight

Stake customers can track their portfolios and run relevant tax reports using Sharesight. This includes completing your CGT, Taxable Income Reports, and calculating your Unrealised Capital Gains. Sharesight manages this service, integrating Stake’s confirmations and files. We generate a Sharesight CSV within two weeks of the end of each financial year. You can check out more information on Sharesight's website.

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