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What does T+2 trade settlement mean?

The standard time for the settlement of sell trades on the U.S. exchange is T+2 days, where ‘T’ refers to the transaction date and ‘+2’ refers to two business days later. 

This means the cash for executed sell orders takes two business days after the trade to be cleared into your trading account.

The settlement date for all trades is available on the trade confirmation email. You can also access a calendar of settlement amounts on the Stake platform under Balances & Orders.

Can I trade on unsettled funds?

If you feel restricted by the standard T+2 settlement, you can trade on unsettled funds as part of Stake Black, our premium membership. One of the advanced features on Wall St is Instant Buying Power, which allows you to bypass T+2 and trade immediately after a sell, reinvesting that money in a heartbeat. Learn more about Stake Black here.

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