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Why was my order cancelled or rejected?

In some circumstances, you may be unable to place an order on Stake, or your order may be cancelled or rejected after you place it. 

Cancelled or rejected orders 

Here are some common reasons orders might be cancelled or rejected: 

  • A market-wide trading halt results in missing market data for a security. 

  • The security you’re trying to sell has been delisted.  

  • A limit order price is deemed too aggressive. Our U.S. partner has measures in place to identify orders that are unrealistic and unreasonable in the context of what price a security is currently trading at. Therefore, your order may be cancelled if the price of the security is significantly different to the limit price you've set. 

Corporate Actions 

Outside of the common reasons for cancelled orders, corporate action related to a particular security may also impact your ability to trade it. 

These corporate actions could include the security being subject to a stock split or takeover. The underlying price may have moved significantly, which may render your order invalid.

Stake must act in accordance to the U.S. market rules in these scenarios which may result in the cancellation of an order.   

Invalid orders 

You’ll be unable to place an order on Stake under the following conditions:  

  • You have insufficient funds/buying power or have pending orders that are impacting your buying power. 

  • You don’t have sufficient holdings to place a sell order.  

  • You’re trying to place a limit order for a fractional amount of stock. Limit orders can only be created/executed for whole units of stock, e.g. if you hold 2.5 shares of $TSLA, you can only create a sell limit order for two $TSLA shares – the remaining 0.5 can only be sold via market order.  

  • You’re pricing a buy stop or sell stop order less than $0.05 above or below the current market price. 

  • Your order is under the minimum size of US$10. 

If your order won’t go through or has been cancelled/rejected and none of the above explains it, please reach out to our customer support team and we’ll investigate this for you.

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