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Can I amend or delete an active order?

Managing your active orders on Stake is simple and straightforward.   

You can create orders at any time during or after market hours, but they may only be executed during market hours. 

Orders that are waiting to be executed/completed are known as active orders. In most cases, active orders can be cancelled, but there are some circumstances where that’s not possible – more on that below. 

For Limit and Stop orders, you can amend the price and/or the amount/shares on app, though not the expiry date. Market orders may not be able to be amended.

You can view active orders at any time on your Stake portfolio page under Active Orders. Please note that orders will show as active until they’re fully executed. If an order has been partially filled when it’s cancelled, your order will only be stopped from that point. 

Stake keeps you informed of any order activity, with email notifications as soon as your order is executed, partially filled or cancelled. You can also check your recent trade activity under More > Trade Activity. Trade confirmations are available approximately one day after the trade date. 



Please note that to ensure you receive the best opening price, pre-market orders are sent to executing brokers as part of the opening auction. For this reason, pre-market orders for these exchanges cannot be cancelled after the following times: 









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