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How do I transfer out of Stake?

At Stake, much like exiting a trade, we make the share transfer out process as seamless as possible.  

Simply contact your receiving broker and submit an ACATS share transfer request. Once you've filled out the relevant paperwork with them, you will need to complete this form here - Outgoing Share Transfer Form. Once filled out, please send this form to Upon receipt of your request from your receiving broker, we will verify your positions and approve the outgoing share transfer. 

Fees & Items to note:

Fractional shares cannot be transferred out - you can liquidate the fractional component and then transfer the settled cash as part of your portfolio transfer (cash positions cannot be transferred via DTC/FOP, only via ACATS).

If your receiving broker cannot support ACATS transfers, your transfer will need to be completed via FOP/DTC, which will cost US$50/position (US$200 minimum). ACATS transfers cost US$200 irrespective of the number of positions transferred.

Please ensure you have a sufficient cash balance in your buying power prior to commencing the transfer out, otherwise it will be rejected. Your new broker may also charge a fee for incoming transfers, so please make sure you are aware of these prior to commencing the process.

Transfers out to any other channel besides ACATS and DTC are also included.

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