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Do I get free stock if I refer people?

Once you have opened an account with Stake, you can get additional bonus stock by inviting friends, family and contacts to join us. Share your unique referral code, which you can find on your Stake Rewards hub or through More > Profile on the Stake platform.

How does it work?

When friends use your referral code to open a Stake Wall St account and then fund it, you’ll get a randomly selected stock in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro.

Their funding doesn’t have a 24-hour limit to earn you a referral reward, but if they wait longer, they’ll miss out on their own starter stock described above. So you can encourage them to fund sooner rather than later for their own benefit. Just make sure they use your unique referral code during signup.

Please note this promotion is only available for Stake Wall St individual accounts.

See the Stake Wall St Rewards Terms and Conditions for more details.


Sharing your referral code is super easy. Simply head to your Rewards Hub on the Stake app or on web, and share your unique code from there via text, messaging app, social media and more. You can also copy it to paste wherever you’d like.

Managing referrals and claiming stock

All information regarding pending and available stock rewards is available through the Account tab in your Stake account.

We’ll keep you informed along the way, including reminders if someone has signed up with your code but hasn’t funded their account yet (so you can give them a nudge if you’d like). We’ll send a confirmation once each referral reward can be claimed.

Please note that rewarded stock can take 1-2 business days to be credited to your account. For any issues with referrals and free stock, please contact our support team.

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