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Macquarie CMA

If you already have an existing Macquarie Bank CMA, you can link it to your Stake account. This gives you great flexibility in moving money across, and it will become your default funding method when transferring AUD to USD on Stake.

In order to have your CMA linked, it will have to be under the same name as your Stake account.

If you've elected to create a Company or SMSF account with Stake, a CMA will be made on your behalf. If you already have an existing CMA under the name of your Company and/or SMSF, no worries - the same applies, we'll be able to get this linked for you. Just remember that, in order to have your CMA linked, it will have to be under the same name as your Stake account.

Can I see my AUD wallet (Macquarie CMA) by logging into Macquarie?

Yes, you certainly can.

Once your CMA account has been established and verified, Macquarie will send you a separate email, which includes your banking and login details for Macquarie. You will need to set up your login and password on the Macquarie portal after receiving this email.

At any time, you can access their portal and manage your Macquarie CMA (your AUD wallet) directly from there.

If you've linked an existing CMA account, you will be able to see your account with your existing login and move money between the CMA and Stake accounts.

How do I transfer?

Transfers are always initiated and requested by you on Stake. 

  • Click on profile > add funds > method > AUD wallet.
  • Enter the AUD amount you'd like to transfer from your CMA to Stake (minimum $50AUD).
  • You'll get direct access and visibility to the spot FX rate with full transparence of any fees. Your funds go directly to our FX partner and then into your brokerage account.

Things to consider

  • Please note that CMA balances can take up to 4 hours to update on Stake.
  • Please note that there is one (regular) funding speed available (see below).

Funding speed

Time that you initiate the deposit (AEDT)
Speed (Regular)
Before 9amReceive your funds in the next trading session (by 1pm)
After 9amReceive your funds in the second trading session (by 1pm)

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